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Managed Software Endpoints

One way to keep costs low while moving to VDI is to look at the cost of endpoints. True, a new thin client does cost less than a new PC. But you could just keep all those existing PCs, and turn them into Managed Software Endpoints. You keep your hardware with all its processing power and still enjoy all benefits of thin clients.

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The Solution for Endpoint Management

IT people are often overloaded with every-day operational tasks and big infrastructure projects. These are the sort of tasks that keep the company working efficiently and can’t be ignored. But they can also take every moment available.

That’s why it’s important to use a tool that lets you get work done fast, liberating time for other tasks.

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 High Performance Devices to Handle Any Need 

  • Dual Core Processor and Dual Monitor

  • Enhance Graphics for Video Conferencing

  • All in One Elegant Flexible Design Options

  • Specific Models Certified for Healthcare

  • Ruggedised Industrial Strength Series

  • High Performance at a Low Cost!