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UX Distribution Enters Distribution Agreement With appCURE



UX Distribution, 20 Nov 2020, today announced it has entered into a distribution agreement with appCURE to deliver its entire Application Transformation and Management portfolio to the UK and Irish marketplaces.


As a result, UK and Irish resellers and service providers can now deliver a faster more dynamic application migration service to organisations needing to modernise and move their applications from older server and desktop operating systems to more secure supported platforms.


appCURE with its industry first capability to capture applications ‘on disk’ without any requirement to have install media or deep knowledge about the application; appCURE revolutionise the way organisations transform their digital workplaces.  appCURE is the only company to enable all companies to dynamically manage application transformations at speed and with a high degree of automation and security.


With the broadest support for industry standards and formats appCURE is changing the way companies’ package and deliver applications for a modern mobile workforce.  In the post pandemic age, companies will need to cater for a more remote workforce and be more agile with an on-demand way of delivering applications to users across any end point, be it physical, hybrid or virtual.


appCURE is a disruptive approach to an age-old problem of ensuring business critical and line of business (LOB) applications which are the backbone of the enterprise can move with the pace of change of the organisations.  Its paramount for the security of all businesses that the underlying infrastructure and end user computing is kept up to date and continually managed moving forwards.


Leading vendors such as, AWS, Citrix, Microsoft and VMware have demonstrated their commitment to the digital transformation of the enterprise and appCURE solutions enable organisations to fully embrace this without the need for complex reworking or manual time consuming inhouse development.


Steve Horne, CEO of appCURE said, ”appCURE look for distribution partners who have the best partners to deliver the appCURE message out to their customers; with UX distribution and their knowledge and experience around the end user computing ecosystem we are helping to deliver faster outcomes and delivery on projects, saving the clients time and money on getting to production quicker ”

Paul Hathorn, Sales Director, UX Distribution said, ”we are pleased to announce this exciting new partnership with appCURE. With our experience, extensive partner network and unique position in the marketplace we can accelerate appCURE’s go to market strategy across the UK and Irish marketplace.  Our partners constitute some of the UK’s industry leading workplace specialist who help government and private organisations with their application transformation challenges”. 

About appCURE:

appCURE is the fastest and most flexible way to dynamically manage application transformation and delivery for server and desktop applications.  appCURE’s unique ’on-disk capture’ capabilities and automation tools can transform applications no matter how old or complex, ready for deployment to a modern more secure operating system.   appCURE Studio is the only comprehensive single platform which delivers everything you need to enable your application digital transformation. 


appCURE has its headquarters in the United Kingdom and provides solutions for public and private organisations across all sectors. 


About UX Distribution:

UX Distribution has been founded by a team of experienced executives with extensive knowledge and experience within the IT Channel with a focus on end user experience and next generation delivery of applications, security and management.


UX Distribution’s goal is to provide reseller’s and vendors a route to market with emerging technologies and enabling secure end user delivery of application and management.


With our close working relationships with mainstay vendors like Citrix, VMware and Microsoft this enables us to bring best of breed technologies to the market and compliment with new emerging technologies.

UX Distribution partners with Stratodesk

10th June 2020

UX Distribution are pleased to announce today that we are entering into an exciting new partnership with the highly regarded endpoint operating system & management solution company Stratodesk.  UX Distribution are now authorised to distribute all products in the portfolio within the UK.
Stratodesk is redefining endpoint computing by delivering a single endpoint solution for VDI, DaaS and IoT markets.  The cutting edge linux-based endpoint OS and management suite, NoTouch, is a next generation, hardware-agnostic solution that enables companies to cost-effectively manage their endpoints. This solution works seamlessly across x86 and ARM based hardware products including Raspberry Pi to provide a unified platform for your endpoints.
We are extremely pleased to add Stratodesk to our portfolio, with their cloud management platform, added support for Imprivata and aligned with our existing aggressively priced ARM, x86 & Raspberry Pi 4 thin clients we can now deliver great user experience into the enterprise & health care sectors.

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