Adding Value, Reducing Cost

Reduce Your Cloud Cost For VDI By Up To 75%

Cycloud – Innovate and Simplify Cloud Desktops

Cost Savings

Cycloud Dynamic Provisioning can save your company up to 75% on the costs of running Citrix in Azure, Google or AWS.
Our technology auto-scales your infrastructure meaning you are only using what you truly need.

Robotic Manager

Cycloud’s Robotic Manager constantly monitors the utilisation and performance of the desktop servers and applies policy decisions to ensure that resources are optimally used and that you pay for the infrastructure that you need and no more.


The Cycloud Scheduler creates the VDAs as Azure instances each day in time for work to start. It then de-provisions them when they are not needed i.e. at night or at weekends. This can save approximately 75% on your public cloud costs.

Cloud Desktop Resource Optimisation

WVD & Citrix challenges Solved

Complex and costly provisioning

High costs of licenses & cloud resources

Lack of optimisation options

High cost of environment management