Introducing WebData Control

WebData Control allows you to enhance and manage your user's Browser Experience by providing a consistent and secure experience across different browsers.

Web Data Management

Is managing your web data causing you problems? Are your user's logon times getting out of control?
Administrators now have a solution to manage web data, eliminating the all or nothing approach to data roaming.  Providing users with a consistent web experience, reducing logon times whilst reducing the impact on the IT infrastructure, storage, and network requirements. 
WebData Management removes unwanted and unnecessary data including cookies, history and temporary web data and gives back control of browser generated data.

Browser Redirector

Do you have a preferred enterprise browser? Do you need to support multiple browsers?
For users with multiple browsers, remembering which one to use for which URLs or application is a burden, and highly error-prone.
To ensure your users have the best possible experience Browser Redirector allows specific URLs or applications to be opened in a particular browser overcoming compatibility and rendering issues by forcing your user to a browser that works.

Favorites Synchronization

Do you have line of business applications that only load in a particular browser?  
Favorites Synchronization allows administrators to define a set of default favorites to be displayed in a single browser whilst also synchronizing user-created favorites across all browsers ensuring an enriched user experience no matter which browser is being used.