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Vendor Focus - October 2020

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Do you need to know how vulnerable your organisation's IT infrastructure is from
identity and password-based attacks?
Do you know if your corporation has already suffered a breach?

How do you manage your password policies and ensure you are compliant with

regulatory bodies?

Award-winning Best Password Security and Compliance Specialists, Authlogics provide a dynamic END to End Authentication solution that is quick to deploy and easy to use. The unique solution enhances the End-User’s experience with the provision of a simple, memorable, and secure login.

Authlogics provide the Password Security Management (PSM) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) technology to transition customers from weak and vulnerable passwords to compliant and unique ones, moving to a completely passwordless authentication process. Companies can benefit from increasing their employee productivity, reduce helpdesk costs, save time, and secure critical company apps, devices, and data when using Authlogics technologies.  

Authlogics Password Security Management (PSM) simplifies the passwords by removing the complexity, preventing breached passwords via real-time and scheduled checking. The PSM stops accounts from sharing passwords and offers automatic remediation with a user self- service password reset web portal and OTP.

Simplify and secure your login experience with Authlogics Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) which is a complete and easy to deploy solution which offers multi-token and tokenless technology, password replacement, and a single-sign-on solution for on-premises and Cloud applications.

In a recent survey, Authlogics discovered that staff are continuing to share passwords and are heavily reliant on helpdesks unlocking accounts and resetting passwords:

  • 60% of participants called the helpdesk every 2-6 weeks to reset a password or unlock an account.

  • 13% were sharing their passwords with colleagues.

  • Only 43% had any form of password security in place.

  • 47% did not use MFA to protect their login process.

  • 57% were aware that their organisation had experienced a breach


Find out how secure your password policies are with Authlogics Active Directory Password Audit. This detailed report highlights the risk and issues with your actual AD user accounts and can be run remotely in minutes. It identifies people using breached passwords, using AD passwords on other public websites, finds accounts sharing the same password, and has a breakdown per-user.

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Take advantage of the 30 Day FREE TRIAL with Authlogics to see how you can secure and simplify your password policies.