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Authlogics provide customers with a unique and cost effective alternative to traditional authentication methods. In summary they:

  • Improve the security and reduce the complexity of passwords

  • Help ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate risk

  • Remove & reduce the reliance on passwords

  • Improve customer experience with simple, memorable and secure login

Authlogics believe that moving away from password based authentication is inevitable and aim to bring new solutions to our customers to increase employee productivity, save time and secure critical company apps, devices and data.  Inspired by the vision of replacing passwords – challenging tradition by progress, to modernise, to innovate and to simplify.

Password Security Management

The Authlogics Password Breach Database holds over 2 billion records from data breaches dating back to 2008. Just enter your company email address and a real-time scan will identify and display how many breaches your company has experienced:

Password Security

Do you struggle with a long list of compliance requirements such as GDPR, PSD2 and NYDFS? Like most companies, if you are using Active Directory alone, your password policy does not comply with NIST SP 800-63B guidance.

Simplify complicated password policies and significantly improve password security while ensuring your Active Directory policy is safe and compliant with Authlogics Password Security Management.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Given today’s threats to business, deploying additional security measures beyond passwords is often critical. Multi-Factor Authentication solutions can help prove who we are, but most are difficult to deploy, hard to use and expensive.

Security and simplicity don’t have to be opposed. Our customers trust Authlogics Authentication Server to provide strong, modern logon security in any scenario.

Password Replacement

Passwords are everywhere, but users find them annoying and cumbersome. Even the most “secure” password can get locked out, forgotten or compromised – it is only a matter of time.

Our Authentication Suite provides a password-less logon experience which doesn’t require expensive biometrics or dedicated hardware, while still ensuring a robust security model.